done dollar.

I’m done my freshman year wooo! I’m so happy to be done no more (well less) stress than before! I don’t even want to talk about my precalc final – two words: bombed it! Whatever I’ll sort out my stuff during my four months of summer =)

Now I get the fun task of searching for another job since I don’t have enough hours at my current place of employment according to my parents which is so true. I’m working 16 hours a week i’d like to bump it up to 30 so I can bring in the cash!

Alrighty so here is my marvelous bowl of oat bran i had yesterday morning that left my tummy begging for more…
This was a little less than half a cup of oat bran with some wheat bran mixed in, 1 cup of eau, a slosh of milk, butloads of cinnamon, kashi honey almond flax and some more milk on top! YUMMY! I’ve eaten my body weight in the kashi almond flax cereal in the past few days and I feel all crummy after so word of the wise: don’t over do it on kashi otherwise you feel like a beached whale!

Thanks for the tips on my nursing/career dilemma. I’m really considering it but the crummy thing is I won’t be able to get into a program until janurary 2010 which blows & who knows if I’ll even get in to because its super competitive.

By the way… Happy Earth Day!
I was clicking through Gap online and found the cutest little baby jumpers. I know what your thinking… I’m not preggo but my moms friend is and she’s having twins (boy & a girl) in the summer time and I really want to pick these up for her!
Aren’t they adorable! They’re are 100% organic cotton. Her little babies will be green from day one!

give away at Peanut Butter and Jenny!


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