Today is going to be a day full of cramming for my macroeconomics exam tomorrow that I need to do well on so I can hopefully pull out a C+ in the class. I doubt that will happen so lets shoot for a C (I’m such an under-achiever).

Breaky today was good, my dad cooked up is weekly Sunday breakfast. Crepes with fruit filling and today he made a yam hash which was amazing. Don’t hate me but i didn’t take any picture because i was trying to eat and study at the same time =)

I thought I’d take a quick breather from the books & notes and do a little post. Thanks for all the comment on my previous post girls! I love getting comments!

Ooh heres a little dessert I made for myself the other day. One whole grain waffle, heated up berry mix and a little scoop of strawberry fro-yo. Nummy!


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