peddled out…

Today was pretty productive… only on my bike unfortunately. I clocked up 70 minutes and over 40km =) Go me! I should have studied way way way more. I work tomorrow to so that means I’ll be studying all morning, which I really don’t want to do. I got one final mark back for OB – I ended up with a B+ woo! That’s gunna be my highest grade this semester unfortunately because I sucked in phil & precalc and I’m hoping to pull out a C+ maybe in macro so I don’t get put on academic probabtion – eek! Enought about school onto food…

My crazy aunt baked pumpkin loaf the other day and didn’t like so she pawned it off on my fam so of course we took it and well it wasn’t that great it wasn’t cooked properly for one and the flavour was euuh.
I still ate quite a bit thought.. stupid me and I ended up with a killer stomach ache.
Today I took another try at making sweet potatoe fries and they turned out awesome! I used one sweet potato, 1tsp of evoo, and lots of paprika & cinnamon and some salt. Cooked ’em for 30 minutes at 425 and broiled them for a bit to get them crispier and voila
I demolished these babies in about ten minutes! Shout out to my vancouver canucks who won game 2 yaaah! I better get off to bed so I can get up early to study =( How sad in bed early on a friday night again… Going to school close to home and living at home sucks! Especially when all you friends went away for school!

* crap i got a D in philosophy there goes my hopes of not going on academic probation… sh*t


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