two down…

Today I finished two of my finals! Woop Woop! I think I did pretty well on my org. behaviour one and then my take home philosophy one… well lets just pray I pass the class, literally. Now I have two more; macro and precalc. So its time to buckle down even more and get this shiz done.


I biked again today… big surprise right? It’s so much easier because if I get bored and find myself sitting in front of the tv I’ll just hop on the bike and peddle instead. It’s especially easy now since playoff hockey has started and I get so worked up when I watch hockey so I peddle faster haha. By the way, go canucks! I’m such a typical canadian =)

I’ve found so many great blogs lately. Honestly, my blog roll is a mile long now! This is just a quick random post because I haven’t uploaded my food pics from today so I’ll catch y’all up tomorrow, night!

— Also for those of you who noticed… I changed up my blog once again… its what I do when I’m bored and should be sleeping!


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