my very interesting day…

… K that title is a total lie. My day has sucked! I studied, somewhat for my organizational behaviour final tomorrow, finished up my take-home philosophy final (which I thought would be cake since it was a take home exam, no freaking way – my teacher is a total prick) and I did some more econ but I definitely could’ve done more.

I biked my butt off today, I did a total of 30km in an hour and burned a whopping 500 calories, yeah! I feel good!Today, I took a few pictures of some of my eats!

My dinner was what I like to call a Pita Salad… I chopped up some left over lemon&herb chicken, cucumbers, tomato, onion, goat cheese (yum!) and squeeze half a lemon on top for some zing! Today I added some mango and a small pickle for a change, it was delish!
I biked some more then I had a post workout snack…
Whole grain toast slathered with almond butter and topped of with sliced naner and cinnamon!
As I mentioned in a previous post I went on a bike ride along the sea wall and my friend finally posted some pictures. He went a little photoshop crazy.

A partial view of the Vancouver skyline; love! Moi; I didn’t know he was taking a picture.
Lion’s gate bridge… I think thats the bridge? Picture of the beach on a less than sunny day… still gorg!

I’m watching Running in Heels right now; at Marie Claire they’re clearing out their beauty department everything is one freaking measly dollar! I wish I worked there. I better my getting to bed so I can be well rested for my exam tomorrow… eek! Maybe I’ll watch Keeping up with the Kardashians…


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5 responses to “my very interesting day…

  1. Dollface

    Congrats on the bike workout! Do you spin as well? xxxoo

  2. jesslikesithot

    Toast w/ almond butter, cinnamon and banana is my favorite snack ever!!! Sometimes I use a rice cake to mix it up!! Next time, try adding chocolate chips on top…..makes the dessert absolutely killer! 😉

  3. Dollface

    Spinning is biking but it works out your glutes more! try a class 🙂

  4. dailydulcie

    Hi lovely.

    500 calories burned?! Damn girlllll.

    I love the artistic picture of you!

    great eats darling.

    lots of love,

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