Happy Easter y’all! My day has been very relaxed! I got my shift covered at work so no responsibilities pour moi today… except studying.. yeah about that.. Another subject I got a box of organic dark chocolate eggs with praline in the middle. I’ve nibbled on a few but I’m not feeling the chocolate today for some very very weird reason?!

This morning after breaky I headed off to the store and bought myself a brown cardigan (thats one size to big – stupid me not trying on clothes before I buy) and I also bought a stationary bike!! It was on sale for $49!! I took a good 45 minutes to set up and I tested it out for 20 minutes (roughly 10km – 156 calories burned; does that sound right?). I’m in love; exercise in the comfort of my own home! Its perfect for days like today when the weather is less than desirable aka. rain rain rain rain and little bit more rain.

(sorry for the ghetto looking basement in the pictures were currently moving stuff around all over my house and its all packed in this room!)

Tonight I’m going to my aunt’s Easter dinner where I’m hoping I don’t binge on desserts and gravy! She makes the most amaaaazing cheesecake… Maybe I’ll do another 20 minutes on the bike tonight…

update: wow I’m such a porker. I indulged in a tiny piece of cheesecake and feel super stuffed and my tummy hurts because i think the cheesecake was to creamy for my semi lactose-intolerant tum. I defs need to pop on the bike tonight. The thing that really irritates me about this side of my family is that they think I should eat tons and tons of desserts and think there is something wrong with me when I don’t want two pieces of pie and some ice cream; urgh!



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3 responses to “Easter-tastic!

  1. Nessa

    I feel for you, my family does the same!! ..ahhh self control.

  2. dailydulcie

    Yay for the stationary bike!! It’s so nice to be able to exercise in your own home.

    I love cheesecake! I’m sorry the piece you ate hurt your stomach.. I hate when that happens.

    love ya darling

  3. LissaMarie

    love the bike…looks like a great investment ..also I feel for you with the dessert and family situation. i work out and eat healthy and watch what i ear and my family looks at me like im crazy when i dont want a huge steak for dinner(yikes) or a big bowl of ice cream at 10:30 at night. I hate being heckled for being healthy!

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