if it rains… walk it out!

I woke-up pretty early so I could do some studying for my OB final exam… not my definition of fun but I did it! To my dismay it’s raining out (typical Vancouver weather) so I was skeptical to go for a bike ride considering I did a good two hours in total yesterday. My pelvic bones were screaming for a day off haha bike seats need to be way more comfy. Instead of a bike ride I opted for a speed walk around my ‘hood with mommy dearest. I’m not sure how many km’s we clocked up but we were out for about 40 minutes and we kept a good pace. See! I really do need one of those funky watch thing-a-ma- jigs. On a side note has anyone ever walked with someone who is six inches shorter than them! My mom is just a tad over five feet tall and I’m 5’6. needless to saw our strides are very different but my momma kept up… but I did have to slow down for her since I am a pretty fast walker. Now I’m off to way the early Canucks game and then head to to work from 2:30-10pm.

Random fact: I read somewhere that Lo from The Hills is now the spokesperson for a birth control company in Canada… wow is all I have to say. Was $10,000 an episode not enough money pour vous?

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  1. skinnyrunner.com

    thanks for the very very nice comments on my blog. made me smile. until i realized i had food in all my teeth. sweet.

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