it’s called Good Friday for a reason

I was expecting today to be a rather uneventful day until my best guy friend asked me to go for a bike ride along the sea wall in downtown Vancouver. I’ve never done it before and I’ve lived here my entire life and it was so gorgeous! We started in Coal Harbour and checked out the new convention centre for the 2010 Olympics (so pretty!). After a brief oogling at the architectural masterpiece we headed on the 22km journey along the seawall. Honestly if you ever visit Vancouver please rent a bike and do it – you won’t regret it! After our hour and a bit bike ride we stopped at Casa de Gelato and I got a half scoop of lemon sorbet and surgar free soya chocolate gelato, yum yum yum! The soya chocolate was so good I could’ve eaten the entire bin of it =) I’m totally curious to see how many calories I burned while doing the bike ride I’m guessing maybe 250? We kept a pretty good speed; I was always peddling and there was some incline through Stanley Park… I wish I had one of those high tech watches that let you know all the fun information. So if anyone is a whiz at calculating that info – go for it please! Now I’m going to eat some din and watch Slumdog Millionaire (again) with my sister.

I’ll post some of the picture my friend took when he edits them and puts them up on facebook! Have a good night!



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2 responses to “it’s called Good Friday for a reason

  1. Dollface

    That looks sooo fun….. how is Slumdog? Havent seen it yet…. xxxooo

  2. thecleanveggie

    thats a gorgeous picture!
    seems like fun 🙂

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