some food worth posting about…

Randomly I post food that I enjoy thoroughly and well tonight was one of those nights… I made myself a veggie burger salad which consisted of romaine lettuce, grilled mushrooms & onions, a pickle, real mozzarella cheese, sliced tomato, tiny bit of a grilled pepper, mustard and bolthouse yogurt honey mustard dressing. This dish was a party in my mouth; yum yum yum.

Daily recap..
Today was the last day of classes and well I neglected to go because each class would last hmm 25 minutes if that and why waste gas driving there? I did however, study for my organizational behaviour final, worked on my take home philosophy final, did my final macroeconomics assignment and rearranged my room. I’m doing a little make-over in my room to spruce it up a bit, make it more mature I guess. I’ll post about that another day… Moving my furniture was a good workout since I did it by myself. Also, I did go for quick bike ride to burn some extra calories and get some endorphins. Now I’m going catch up on some blogs and maybe watch a little more tv before bed. Sweet dreams!


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