lend your ten cents

I’m calling out for help again girls! I know it seems like all I’m doing right now =) But I’m trying to figure out a career path for myself. So anyone who reads this that is involved with marketing, pr, communications in anyway write a comment about what you studied in college, how you go a your job and what you do exactly. I would appreciate it so so so much!

Also, anyone still have any great places to go for a relatively cheap vacation this summer?

Once again, I appreciate all your help so much!



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2 responses to “lend your ten cents

  1. Bec

    Mexico, the Dominican and Cuba will have great deals in the summer! I`m doing an enlgish and history degree and my education degree at queens next year, so not really what you are interested in.

  2. carolinebee

    I’m not much help in that dept..but my girlfriend was a comm major, and now she interns for a music industry attorney and gets to read scripts and meet cool music ppl 😀 Thanks for your well-wishes girlie!

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