Travel Planning Dilemma

So this summer I decided and have been planning to go to Europe (France, Italy and Greece) buut I’m thinking of going somewhere cheaper. I’m doing this because I don’t want to be totally broke when I go back to school in September since I feel like I should pay some of my tuition. SOO where should I go Hawaii, somewhere in the Caribbean or somewhere else super fab! Another issue is I’m probably going alone unless I can haggle some of my friends to go since most of them are going to Europe.



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3 responses to “Travel Planning Dilemma

  1. Dollface

    So fun!! I went to riviera maya in Mexico and loved it…. xoxox

  2. parkaveprincess

    Hawaii would be amazing! And much less expensive than Europe. Hopefully you can talk one of your friends into going!

  3. Bec

    You can get some really great all inclusive deals in the spring/summer! Hope you can get a friend or two to join you, though traveling on your own can be a blast too!

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