let’s head down to chapters…

I was contemplating waiting until after exams to buy myself a new pile of books to devour buuut… I can’t wait! Plus I’ll need something to do during my study breaks, right? SO, what books have you all read recently and loved!? I’m totally not picky about books. I’ll read anything from Gossip Girl to the Da Vinci Code to The Picture of Dorian Gray…



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3 responses to “let’s head down to chapters…

  1. LissaMarie

    i’m currently reading ‘something borrowed’ by emily giffin…i’m almost done with it and i think so far its a fantastic book. a total guilty pleasure and easy read but it’s fantastic.

    i also am a sucker for anything by jane austen..or louisa may alcott, i just finished little women last week, and it was a good book, if you haven’t read it yet.

    hope i helped! =]

  2. Dollface

    Anything Emily Giffin, My Sister’s Keeper – Jodi Piccoult, Jack with a Twist, the Man I didnt marry, Nanny Diaries, Tales from the bed, I could go on and on… xoxox

  3. burpandslurp

    I loved The Thirteenth Tale. I forgot the author’s name, but it was some freaking amazing writing.
    also, if you’re into deeper stuff, I love all the books by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Quite a thick read, but so worth it. very very intense.

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