about me

I really that I’ve kept this blog somewhat impersonal and most of my few readers don’t know me that well. Ten things anyone should know about me.

1 I’m a freshman in college, I’m still relatively unsure of what I want to do but right now I’m pretty sure I want to go into Communications/Marketing & get a minor in international business or french.
2 My dream job would be to work for a fashion magazine or a fashion house or I’d love to have Rachel’s job on friends in the later seasons!
3 I’m Canadian and damn proud! I live on the West coast so I manage to escape the frigid cold winters that the rest of Canada experience, suckers!
4 I have problems trusting people. I’ve been screwed around with to many times by way to many people. Thus, making it extremely hard for me to make new friends since I’m so skeptical of their future actions.
5 I’m Italian, although I’m only one quarter Italian I act like I’m full on italiano, even though I can’t really speak Italian at all but I understand most of it.
6 I can speak french. I was in french immersion since grade six until I graduated high school!
7 I have issues with eating. I guess you could say I have disordered eating but I’m still a very healthy weight my bmi is 21.9.

8 I’m a barista at a coffee shop. NOT Starbucks thank you very much. I love my job!
9 I eat oatmeal/oatbran almost every day for breaky and I usually have oatmeal for dinner when I’m at work.
10 My parents are still together but its complicated. I have one younger sister, she’s thirteen. Two cats that have crazy personalities.
One bonus fact…
11 I love tea! I used to be such a espresso drink addict but that changed since I get free tea from work =) Bombai fogs are my fave (chai tea, vanilla torani syrup, hot water and steamed milk) yummo!

Enjoy! If you have anything else you’d like to know just ask my dears!


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