Running in heels, ouch!

Well, I may as well let everyone know I’m a serious tv addict. It’s sad really, I probably clock up more hours in front of the tv in a two days than you do in a week. Last night I watched the (Canadian) premiere of Running in Heels and well I really liked it. Go figure right, I’m totally in love with fashion especially the fashion magazine business. Basically I’m super jealous of the three girls who intern at Marie Claire. I want to be an intern soo badly! The only part I didn’t like about the show is how obvious it is that certain things are set up and how the hell could three intern afford that type of apartment in New York City! I have to give a shout out to Working Girl because I read her review on Running in Heels the other week and basically I kept my eyes peeled to see when it would premiere in the land up north. I like all three girls but Ashley is a bitch but determined, Talita is adorable but her dog is annoying (not a fan of chiuahahas) and Samantha’s naivety annoys me to bits but she’s cute as well (Oh and her eyebrows really bother me for some reason? Odd I know. )

Tonight I’ll be plopped in front of the tv again watching my thursday programs; grey’s, and E.R.! Can’t you tell i’m a medical drama junkie…



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3 responses to “Running in heels, ouch!

  1. dailydulcie

    I watch those both every Thursday also lovey!!! LOVE THOSE SHOWS!

  2. Dollface

    Never seen it but I have too many TV show obsessions. Do you watch America’s Next Top Model? I think their fabu!! xoxo

  3. amy.

    Oh my gosh, doll, you are fabulous! Thank you for the sweet comments and scouring through my blog to learn a bit more about me. That is quite flattering, to be honest! I can’t be that interesting, can I?! Hah, well have a gorgeous day, and I look forward to reading your posts!


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