and for breakfast… oat bran!

Hey all! First of happy st.P day! I probably won’t be doing much considering I’m under age and all my friends are away at college (I go to school locally and my school has no student life what so ever! ) so no parties tonight, bummer. Second on the docket I tried Oat bran today! I’ve had it before but I made it in the microwave and it never turned out well (meaning oat bran explosion). This morning I tried using the oven top instead and it worked out so much better! I add some of Europe’s Best frozen berry mixture, a smidge of almond butter and some maple syrup. Oh and a little bit of my fam’s cinnamon and sugar mixture. I have to say it was quite delish and filling to!
I usually eat oatmeal every morning anyways but oat bran does have a different taste and cosistency.

Heres a little picture of my oat bran breaky and my mug of green tea 🙂

Have a goodnight everyone! I’ll be (or should) spending it studying for philosophy, boo! But first last nights episode of The City!


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