the blogosphère…

Hi all! how’s everyone’s weekend going so far? Mine is going rather nicely in comparison to last weekend when I was shoveling heaps of information into my head for my three exams I’ve had this week! eep! Thank goodness they’re over… for now.

I’ve stumbled upon a couple great blogs last night! I spent hmm three hours reading almost everything on these two chronicles… The first being Charade, a blogger from the UK who finds spectacular pieces of writing and posts them as well as writing her own pieces and of course she features college students from all over the world on her website as well. A+ rating from me! The second website I found is/was written by a woman named Jen from Brooklyn, she chronicles what she eats for breakfast every morning on her blog, Simply Breakfast… this website will leaving waiting for morning time so you can recreate some of her nummy yummy creations!

Keep checking back for more from me! ciao bellas


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