Hippie et chic

Thanks for the comments I have received so far, but I’d love more! Of course I will check out your blogs out as well and leave feedback! So the two outfits I have today is just a plain hippie one that I wore out to the beach for ice cream then the evening one was for a ‘casino royale’ themed party – simply meaning dress to impress and be chic about it.

I have pretty much decided that I’m going to Paris next summer. I’m more than likely going with my best friend. Except the only issue we have is that he wants to go to germany (which of course I do to) but I don’t think my empty pockets can afford it. I’m hoping to hit up Paris, Rome, Venice and London if all is possible. The good thing is me & my best friend both have family in all those locations! I want to do some serious shopping while I am there.

look du jour:

The dress hits me in an awkward way I think i would love it to be like two inches shorter then it would be fab. But i love the embroidery around the chest.

Dress: old navy
sunglasses: vintage find
hippie head band: made it myself

look du soirée:

top: old navy
belt: urban behaviour
wool skirt: from my mom which she bought from mariposa in the 80’s
shoes: Aldo

sunglasses: Aldo

This post definitely shoes my styles: bohemian & classic/chic.



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2 responses to “Hippie et chic

  1. Leila

    the white dress is very cute !!

  2. bri

    @ leila: thanks, its a great summer dress i love it!

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