a new perspective

So maybe I will post pictures of my outfits after all. Summer has been rather boring so I may as well. Plus I’d love to get input from you girls all over the globe. I may not be a very avid blogger but I’ll try. I love so many blogs already check them out on the left side of my page. Also, I want to be introduced to European culture because hopefully (cross my fingers) I’ll be going in July next year if all prevails. A little twist that I’m adding is that I’ll post some of my entries in english & a others in french.

Casual day look:

top & short: old navy
bag: bought at chinese night market
scarf: present from china

My evening look for a party:

silver clutch: le chateau
Pattern tunic/dress: Forever 21
cropped shift coat: sirens

Let me know what you think! also are the clothes to hard to see in the pictures because of the way I edited them?



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4 responses to “a new perspective

  1. the couture candy

    That tunic is perfect!

  2. bri

    @ the couture candy: thanks! i love it cause it has a v cut on the back & the front

  3. Daphné

    That tunic is gorgeous, I love the color and the pattern!

  4. Héléna D.

    I love this short ,, it’s very … chic 🙂

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